Library & Reading Room

Library periods are allocated in the school timetable for each class. A well-ventilated and illuminated reading room is a part of the library. Reading habits of the student are improved through guided supervision of the Librarian. Library is a vital resource and it serves as a nerve center for alt students pursuit.

School library is very rich with 3,000 books, periodicals and journals to satisfy the natural and psychological tendencies of the pupils, their interests, the age group and level of intelligence. The school has a spacious, well-furnished and modern library that is well stocked with rich collection of books on all subjects, magazines, journals and newspapers to meet the varied needs of the staff and students.

Size of the Library in sq. ft.30×26
No. of Periodicals4
No. of dailies3
No. of reference books5000
No. of magazine1335

Science Laboratories / Mathematics Lab

Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Computer and Math Labs are fully equipped to cater the scientific justification to pupils questions regarding universe and its manifold belongings and to understand Why, What and When.

Four most modern spacious laboratories of Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Computer are well equipped not only as per the requirements stipulated by the CBSE but also with a number of additional facilities to meet the scientific curiosity of the students. In order to inculcate a scientific temperament in the students, each laboratory is provided with at large number of models, Charts, Equipment expandable and non-expandable stores. The guidance by highly qualified and experienced science teachers is continually available to all students. Science projects are given to each student to hone their scientific skills. The school has set up a Mathematics tab with Mathematical model and charts.

Computer Education & Information Technology

Computer Education Forms an essential and integral component of the school curriculum. In addition, it is planned to offer Computer Science as a main subject in the senior School (class XI and XII). Computer Education is Compulsory for every student and introduced in class 1st onward. The computer center is air-conditioned and equipped with the latest systems and software. Internet access is encouraged to enrich and augment knowledge through extensive use of the net.

Physical Training, Games & Sports

All major games like Cricket, Football, Handball, Basketball, Badminton etc and indoor games form part of the school curriculum. The school has a well-maintained athletic track and a well-equipped gymnasium. PT is compulsory and a large number of students form part of the gymnastic contingent of the school. Students are given formal training in Yoga, sports and games instructors are on the rolls the school to impart best physical training to the students. Special emphasis given to Yoga to improve the mental and physical level of the students. A big playground is developed with the modern techniques.